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Healing workshop at Fordham, updated

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Thanks all for your prayers. Looks like the “Fordham miracle” is on its way. I am on the calendar for the 2018 Fordham Jubilee (June 1-3) to present an hour workshop to the alumni on “Ageing Gracefully with Healing Prayer.” It will be instruction and prayer exercises.

This actually stated two years ago, at my own Jubilee of the class of 1966. I was thinking of going, but reluctant over the cost of airfare and registration, meals, etc. Besides that, every time I went to a local Fordham alumni event in Atlanta I would come back discouraged at the lack of Christian spirituality evident. The talk would be mostly about the resurgence of the Fordham football team, etc. 

But I placed a fleece on the Lord, that if my old buddy Ray called. I would go. Sure enough, he called and urged me to go. I put that on my Facebook page, and immediately a FB buddy from England messaged me back saying that if I went the Lord would bring revival to Fordham. Humm... I am suspicious of such prophesies, but maybe...

So I went to the 2016 alumni Jubilee celebration. Had a wonderful time with some of my old buddies. One was an Episcopalian when we were students at Fordham, and he was now a Catholic. I was of course Catholic but now an Anglican priest. Ray and I had a great time reminiscing about Fordham and swapping accounts of our tours in Vietnam.

I had a conversation with Fr. McShane, the President of Fordham. Not that I was especially noteworthy. It is his job at these events to circulate among the alumni and encourage donations. I suggested that it might be good, even revolutionary, if the Fordham students who go out to do social work and help the poor in the New Your area knew how to pray effectively for healing. He said it was a good idea. However, the right contact with the student coordinator was not made and nothing came out of that, and I was very disappointed.

A bit later two Spirit filled Christian on different occasions at different churches again prophesied that I would be part of a great revival at Fordham. Humm…How would that work?

But in January of this year I again went to a local Fordham alumni meeting in Atlanta. It was a free lunch. But there I prayed for some of the older alumni with good effect. At my wife's urging, and after saying it was no use, I wrote Fr. McShane. I told him of the healings at the alumni meeting and suggested that I might present at the next alumni Jubilee a workshop stressing how married couples could pray for one another to alleviate the illness and pains of aging. I did this in my blog posting, “Aging gracefully with the graces of healing prayer” (see link below). This time Fr. McShane instructed the coordinator of the Jubilee program to make room for my workshop. Wow! 

The coordinator of the Jubilee and I had a wonderful telephone conversation. She said, “Nothing like this had happened at Fordham before!" Fordham, like most Christian colleges in the United States, has become secularized, although perhaps not as much as Emory, Duke or Georgetown. (When I went to Emory in the 1980s the chairman of the theology department was a Marxist and atheist). In any case, there is no precedent for this kind of workshop, and the coordinator was astounded that the President of Fordham had OKed it (Holy Spirit here!).  I looked at the class offerings of all of the schools at Fordham, the Graduate School for Religion and Religious Education, the theology department, etc., and there was not a single course on the healing and deliverance ministry of the Church. Again, not unusual for a Christian university.

Right now I am asking specific prayers for my stay at Fordham June 2-4.
·         Travel mercies for the round trip.
·         Extraordinary healings, “sign and wonders” during the workshop and other events (below).
·         That I be asked to do an encore workshop at the end of the Jubilee, Sunday afternoon, so that the alumni will go home not only full of a nice brunch, but with the Holy Spirit.
·         That on Monday I be asked to talk or do a workshop at Fordham’s School of Social Service and/or Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education.  (Some of their faculty have said they will observe the aging workshop.
·         That all of this be only the beginning a great revival at Fordham, with the old Catholic charismatics and Anglicans and others joining in and accomplishing what they could not do back in the 1970s. (I have my heart set on returning regularly to teach healing/deliverance at the undergraduate and graduate levels).
·         That me and my household be protected from any demonic vengeance over this.

Thank you:

Link to blog posting, "Healing gracefully with the graces of healing prayer." HERE

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