Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Update on a public prayer station

Image result for floodgate churchI had the privilege and joy to demonstrate and lead a large “prayer station” group at the “Firefall” conference at Floodgate Church in Brighten Michigan last weekend (Oct. 7-8, 2017). I was also there as one of the speakers. The pastors of Floodgate, Bill Bolin and his wife, Clara, lead a really great church, filled with folks who are enthusiastic about the Lord.  This is the fifth year they have had Firefall.

The Floodgate congregation is well schooled in healing prayer.  In fact, last year’s Firefall speaker was Joan Hunter, the daughter of Charles and Francis Hunter, the famous Pentecostal healing teachers/innovators.[1] The group out of Floodgate that went out to do the prayer station ministry Sunday afternoon totaled over 25 persons, including several youths. Pictured above are some of them.

Pastor Bill had invited me to bring my original prayer station sign, which is still “serviceable.” That is an Army phase for junky equipment that still works OK  - note the picture of it in my garage.  I providentially forgot it in the fog of early morning packing for the trip. My wonderful host, Mr. Paul Diaz, made one in no time. Instead of painting over a real estate sign he bought a sign kit at Office Depot.  It could have easily been planted on the grass where we set up.  But I suggested a wooden base, so that it could also be used on a sidewalk in the future. Note the attractive and useful sign was made at a very small cost, and with magic markers instead of cans of spray paint, as my original one.

The prayer station outing was a great success in spite of the “stony ground” we sowed in.  We went to the center of Ann Arbor which is pedestrian friendly, and boutique laden. It is frequented mostly by students and faculty of the University of Michigan. This is a very secular and “New Age” demographic, and resistant to the Gospel. The response to our invitations to prayer was scant compared to a similar effort in my home state of Georgia where the population is much more Christian. In spite of that we got one “salvation” of a person who had never given her life to the Lord, and a half dozen significant healings. One was of a homeless veteran who had sever back problems and arthritis all over his back. 

Here I am with pastor Bill doing "spiritual warfare" during the outing. (Hey, give us a break, this was after two hours of standing). Also from this vantage point I could advise the prayer station team, as in, "Hey, you're standing in front of the sign!" 

The other interesting thing about this prayer station event was that we only had one sign for 25+ people, so many went out on their own in the park area, or local eateries, two by two, and sought the Lord’s guidance about whom to pray for.  That was very successful, and resulted in a half dozen healings and instances of prayer and godly advice.  

It was a great crew, and a great day for people fishing, as the Lord commanded us (Matt 4:19). Can your church match this?  Try it.

I still need a church to invite me to do my “Every Believer a healing evangelists” workshop, which will then move to an evangelical prayer station event.  My wish is to write this up as a chapter entitled, “From workshop to public prayer station in a wink” as a last chapter to my new book, “The Public Prayer Station: Taking Healing Prayer to the Streets – and Evangelizing the Nones and Unchurched.” Think about this. It will give your church lots of free publicity.

Anyone out there interested. Pester your pastor to invite me!

[1] I have written about the revolutionary innovations that the Hunters brought to the Christian healing ministry in an earlier posting, HERE.

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