Saturday, September 2, 2017

Suggested prayers for Hurricane Irma

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Sunday is a great time to come “in one accord” and pray Hurricane Irma away from making landfall anywhere it could do damage. Let’s all agree that Irma will take the most east and north path now projected, away from the USA, and into the cool waters of the North Atlantic.
Let me suggest two prayers, for pastors who have their hands full with preparing the service and sermon, etc. Many of you could do much better. Go to it!
The first prayer is of the more conventional type. It is a prayer of petition to the Father in Jesus’ name. The second one is a “command” prayer, and I believe more proper to nature prayers, as modeled by Jesus for us when he stilled the storm. Some Christians are uneasy about command prayers in spite of their biblical warrant. (Note that every healing prayer in the NT is in the command mode). In any case both, prayers agree that Irma will not make landfall or destruction in the US. As I posted earlier, agreement is key in these matters.
Lord, be mindful fo the suffering and distress of the people of Texas and Louisiana, as they were buffeted by Hurricane Harvey. Guide the rescuers and multitudes of government workers and volunteers to work in harmony and wisdom to restore and refurbish that which was destroyed or damaged.
Now Lord, there is a looming threat in hurricane Irma to do a new wave of destruction. Keep it Lord far from our shores, and away from Puerto Rico and the Antilles. By your hand let it be directed north and east, and into the cool waters of the North Atlantic and naturally dissipate. We ask thsi in the mighty name of Jesus.
And now in the command mode, as taught by Agnes Sanford in her classic on nature prayers, Creation Waits (1979)
Thank you Father for sending your Son Jesus to the earth, to die for our sins, and to share his authority to heal and protect the earth. Now Lord that a new hurricane looms in the very shadow of Harvey we use Jesus’ name to command Irma away from the shores of the United States, or Puerto Rico or the Antilles, and to track north and east into the cool waters of the North Atlantic and dissipate. Irma, you must do this because we command you in Jesus’ name.