Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pentecostal and Anglican Plays and Postscripts

Praise the Lord! And thanks again for your supporting prayers. 

My new work, Pentecostal (and Anglican) Plays and Postscripts is now available on Amazon. The Kindle edition will take a few days longer. 

The two plays included in this work represent the two aspects of my ministry, which many of you may recognize. One is my healing and pastoring ministry, and the other is my work as Christian historian.

The play, “One Day at St. John’s” depicts what everyday life can be like in a church that practices the gifts of the Spirit and the healing/exorcism ministry as normal. Among the events that occur in the course of the play are the healing of a waitress who was scalded with hot coffee, an exorcism (led by a layman) and the “laying of a ghost” to rest.

The second play, “Joseph ben Jacob,” explores Joseph, husband of Mary, as the dream interpreter, master carpenter, and father of Mary’s other children. It helps explain why Joseph was able to discern correctly his dream about Mary’s first-born.

The postscripts examine the controversial aspects of the plays and focus on two false early gospels which distorted the meaning of the true Gospels. The “Proto-Gospel of James” claimed that Mary was “every virgin” and never had other children, and the “Gospel of Nicodemus” cancelled the true meaning of Jesus’ “descent into Hell” and his ministry there as described in 1 Peter 3 & 4.

To my knowledge there are no specifically Pentecostal/charismatic plays out there. (I welcome being corrected on this.) The compliance to the Evangelical norm usually omits the miraculous and the gifts of the Spirit in Christian plays for fear of offending certain cessationist Evangelicals. Not in my writing! 

The price is $12 on Amazon. I have no idea (or control) as to what the Kindle edition will cost. If you wish to buy multiple copies message me on Facebook and I will give you a discount.

Pentecostal (and Anglican) Plays (and Postscripts) can be purchased HERE at Amazon.



The noted Pentecostal scholar Dr. Jon Ruthven wrote a very positive review of my book, Agnes Sanford and Her Companions: The Assault on Cessationism and the Coming of the Charismatic Renewal. You can access it HERE.

The book may be purchased on Amazon, either print or inexpensive Kindle HERE You can purchase the print version at a discount from the publisher HERE

Just released is my first book of  plays. Pentecostal (and Anglican) Plays (and Postscripts). It includes tow plays and their postscripts.

Pentecostal (and Anglican) Plays (and Postscripts) can be purchased HERE at Amazon.


Watching God Work: The Stuff of Miracles by [DeArteaga, Carolyn Koontz]

My wife has written a funny and inspiring story of how she transited from a cessionist and Baptist to a Spirit-filled Believer. The book has many stories of our three decades of ministry together.  It may be purchased HERE.

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