Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mt Lebanon Camp Meeting

Hi FB friends in the Philadelphia – Harrisburg area, and those who like to plan way ahead. . I will be preaching and ministering healing at the Mt/Lebanon Camp Meeting in Lebanon, PA, July 15th  & 16th .  This is an old fashioned Methodist camp meeting with plenty of singing, fellowship and the Word. Saturday evening I will be preaching on “How the Gifts of the Spirit enhance all Christian ministries.”  Sunday morning I will be speaking on "Interceding for the Conversion of the Muslim Peoples." Sunday evening we will be having a healing teaching and service (bring someone who needs healing).  I look forward to having a great time, and hope some of my FB and blog friends can join in. Come for the Sunday roast beef dinner ($10.00) at 12:00 and stay for an afternoon of fellowship and evening healing service that I will be leading. Carolyn and I will be looking for you.

For contact information see: c/o David Shenk
Lebanon, Pa.
Phone: (717) 274-1206

The website for the Mt. Lebanon  Camp Meeting Camp Meeting, which includes the schedule, can be found HERE.  Note the easy-going schedule.