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More on "Aging Gracefully with the Graces of healing Prayer"

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One of my most popular blog postings has been “Ageing Gracefully with the Graces of Healing Prayer.” (Available HERE). In that blog I describe how Carolyn and I have prayed for each other regularly for our health concerns with great effect. This has resulted in much less than normal disease, and less reduced functions and mobility as we have arrived at “senior citizen” status. For instance, at seventy-six, the only medications I take are two pills to control my enlarged prostrate. Carolyn has never become blind, as prognosticated by her doctor fifteen years ago due to her very delicate and thin retina. Nor has she had to endure dialysis, which was also prognosticated, due to her lowered kidney function.

No automatic alt text available.Last year Carolyn had a car accident. As she turned a corner the early morning sun blinded her and she kept going were there was no road, and off an embankment. One of the doctors who treated her in the hospital told her it was amazing she lived through it, and “only” fractured her backbone in several places and broke her sternum.She was out of the hospital in a month, and did another moth of rehab before she came home. She has to walk with a cane, and her balance is not good yet. (We keep praying, you can add your prayers too please). In any case, she is back counseling at a local Pentecostal church, which she loves, and where she is loved and respected. The outcome is much better than one would have expected – because the prayers were constant and faith-filled.

(Carolyn with a friend she made while we were teaching a healing workshop. We were hosted by a family that had the dog in the picture. She had nightmares every night - she was a "rescue" dog and abused as a puppy. Carolyn did an inner healing prayer on her and the dog was healed that night. Yes, that's right, you can do dogie inner healing. HERE is our blog on praying for animals.)

Lately Carolyn has begun to experience the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s, trembling, short term memory loss, etc. But here our prayers together seem to have halted its advancement. (I explain how to pray against Parkinson’s HERE) By praying for Carolyn on this I have learned that in order to keep Parkinson’s at bay one has to pray several times a week the prayers I outlined previously. That is to command the area of the brain affected to be healed and produce normal amounts of dopamine. That is a lot better than the incapacity that uncontrolled Parkinson’s bring.

Now to my story. As reported in the original blog, I have had problems with my right knee for decades. I recall thirty years ago that on long car trips where I was driving, my knee would begin to ache. Then four years ago I had the “preaching incident” (recorded in the blog) where something in my knee went “pop” and awful pain... 

The VA doctor prognosticated that I would need knee replacement surgery soon. That did not happen. In a combination of prayers from my wife, friends, etc., and taking both Alieve and glutamine chondroitin, my knee was restored to almost perfect health. I do not even wear the recommended knee brace except if I plan to walk a great distance.

Alas, Ol‘Scratch is always up to no good. Two weeks ago I twisted my knee (not preaching this time) and again pain and paralysis. But immediately I spoke to and rebuked my knee in the pattern described in Luke 4: 38-39

Image result for Jesus rebuking feverThen He got up and left the synagogue, and entered Simon’s home. Now Simon’s mother-in-law was suffering from a high fever, and they asked Him to help her.  And standing over her, He rebuked the fever, and it left her; and she immediately got up and waited on them. (NASB)
I addressed the knee directly. “Look, you are famous and known throughout the world from people who read my blog postings, as miraculously healed. To be crippled and out of order now would disgrace the name of Jesus and his healing power. Therefore, be healed in Jesus’ name! Return to perfect function!” Wow, within thirty seconds or so the knee stopped hurting and I was walking on it again. I have had no problem since.

Do likewise.

Incidentally, notice all the discussion about modifying or repealing “Obama Care.” The core problem is that modern health care, with all its devices and modern medications, has become immensely expensive. The auxiliary issue it that we have an interest drive medical establishment in America which will not accept reasonable solutions to reduce the cost of health care. Europe does much better, but that is another issue.

But what if a large proportion of Americans, maybe 25%, were taught effective healing prayer and ministered to themselves, their families and neighbors. What would be the effect on the total health care cost of this country.

In the case of myself and Carolyn, we have avoided a knee replacement surgery, the cost of blindness, and the discomfort and cost of dialysis. Extrapolate…  Insurance executives, are you interested?  I have an excellent program to teach lay folks healing prayer (access HERE). Is there a company out there that would take a chance and have me come in and teach a Saturday workshop on healing prayer to volunteers in their company?


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