Sunday, July 17, 2016

Can this type of prayer heal Parkinson’s disease?

My wife Carolyn, who is older than I am (I’ll be 74 in August) was showing strange symptoms for some time. Her hands would tremble, she had daytime sleepiness, poor balance and several other symptoms.

She did not go to the doctor, as she has always been reluctant to go to doctors unless absolutely necessary. So she lived with the symptoms and wrote them off as “normal aging.”  But last week she heard a presentation on Parkinson’s from the web, and decided “Oh, this is what I probably have.”  She mentioned that to me, and she began doing some of the dietary things the web doctor suggested, as in not eating breakfast before 10:00 am, nor eating dinner later than 6:00 pm. In other words, a half day fast.

I did a quick search on the web which basically said there was no cure for the disease, and the symptoms gradually become worse. The cause was not definitely known, but it seemed to be related to a part of the brain called the “substancia negra” which means “dark substance.” This is a section which lies between both hemispheres of the bran toward the back. This area of the brain produces the dopamine necessary for the normal function of the nervous system, and brains afflicted with Parkinson’s produce less dopamine than normal.

Whit that information, and with my experience in command prayer (learned from the classic work on this by Charles and Francis Hunter, How to Heal the Sick, I began praying for Carolyn in this way. I placed one hand on the back of her head, and another under her chin near the neck. This way the healing energies of God, which are in some ways similar to electricity, could easily flow into the “substancia negra.”

I simultaneously prayed in this manner:

          In Jesus’ name, I speak to the subsancia negra and command it to be healed. I command it, in Jesus’ name to be restored and rejuvenated to full health and full function. I command that dopamine be produced in normal quantities so that the nervous system be healed and perfectly well. I command all this in Jesus’ name

The next morning Carolyn found that she was substantially healed. The hand tremors had ceased completely. She was till a bit unsteady, but also better in this regard.

A week later her symptoms reappeared, though not as severally. Again I prayed the command prayer in Jesus' name and again she was much better. This may mean that Parkinson' disease may need repeated prayer. Christians need not be scandalized by this, as repeated prayer was modeled by Jesus in the incident in which he had to pray twice for the blind man in Mk 8:24. 

Now, one case does not mean universal healing is at hand.  But this is very interesting and easy to replicate. I would like those of you who read this post to try this type of prayer and see if you get similar positive results. Please describe you results after several days of this type of prayer, and add your comment to the comment section of the blog. Good results? No results? We need to see if this generally effective.

Note: I previously wrote an extensive blog posting on the Hunter's discovery of command prayer. It can be seen HERE. You Tube has many of ther videos showing their way of prayer. Their classic book is available HERE.


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