Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On the use of the suffix "phobic" and the danger of linguistic fascism

The destruction and elimination of 'unacceptable" ideas

Yesterday was a day proclaimed by President Obama to celebrate and demonstrate against “homophobia” “transphobia” and “biphobia.”  This is that latest indicator that the Obama administration has slipped, like so many American educational institutions, into the delusions of linguistic quasi-fascism. That is, the politically correct technique of using the suffix “phobic” as a weapon word to cut off debate and marginalize those the other side. For instance, most orthodox Christians (Roman Catholics, Evangelical, Pentecostals, and Eastern Orthodox) object to active homosexuality for rational, non-phobic reasons. Principally, it is an activity that goes against the Word of God. To this can be added other reasonable arguments. For instance, anal sex, practiced my many homosexuals, is dangerous to health and brings about many parasitic diseases and STDs. Homosexuality reduces the birth rate (an amazing fact to realize) and in Europe especially, this has led to the population contraction that is now bringing serious difficulties to that area. These are rational reasons for opposition of active homosexuality, and especially to celebrate it as a way of life.

However, in American (and European) academia, if any of these things are brought up one is labeled “homophobic” and considered some sort of religious fanatic. This is linguistic fascism, and the equivalent of fascist book-burning. Christian should not be shy to resist this, and insist on not being addressed as “phobic” of any sort for upholding Biblical morality. We really need to make a big thing of this, perhaps even look at a person straight in the eye and say, “You are slandering and marginalizing me.”

Please note my posting on the trans- gendered issue. The quasi-fascist “phobic” suffix is perennially used by the media to introduce this discussion. But there is another confusion embedded in this debate, and it is the triumph of  solipsism. That is, the viev that what I think is real, no evidence needed. Thus, I think I am the opposite sex, no evidence needed. This is dangerous to any therapeutic discipline or healing ministry. Every neurosis or destructive idea can become politically acceptable and declared beyond treatment.

Note: an excellent article form the Atlantic magazine on the definition of fascism and its incorrect and politicized use HERE


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