Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Church of the Redeemer - Healing Workshop.

A brief report on a TERRIFIC healing conference I was privileged to lead. It took place on Sat. Oct. 24, at the Anglican Church of the Redeemer, in Camden, North Carolina.

It was an all day workshop stressing the authority of the Christian to bring healing prayer to the community and use healing as an evangelistic tool. You can see an outline of the course from the excellent webpage the church prepared for this conference HERE. Some marvelous healing took place of allergies, bad backs, and more serious conditions such as paralysis.

A particularly beautiful incident happened during one of the prayer exercises. I had talked about how the Gifts of the Spirit help in the healing ministry, and about how back in 1953, Agnes Sanford, the great pioneer of healing prayer, was exhausted from praying for others. She met with two of here friends, who were also into the healing ministry and also exhausted from constant prayer. They asked for God's guidance and got, "Pray for the Holy Ghost." They did so, two on two, two on two, and two on two. They all received a wonderful fresh infilling of the Spirit and refreshment to their bodies.
(The incident is told in my new book Agnes Sanford and Her Companions: The Assault on Cessationism and the Coming of the Charismatic Renewal. You can get it at a discount HERE I am sorry the price is still high - I did not set it)

 We did a similar exercise. In one of the groups doing the exercise a young woman, Hannah, began singing in tongues very beautifully as she laid hands on a woman who had multiple illnesses. When she finished she sang again in English - interpreting what she had just said in tongues. I talked to the lady with the infirmities afterwards, and she said that as Hannah sang in tongues she received in her mind the interpretation, the very same words that she then repeated in English.

This was thankfully caught on video, you can check it out HERE

We added several new exercise to the workshop. One was to practice long distance healing by calling someone who is ill over the smart phone (a land-line will work as well). In each group a person called was surrounded by four to six persons in support. It was marvelous. The folks at Redeemer said they would continue doing this as they met in various Bible studies, vestry meetings, etc. (Does this give you an idea?)

The next exercise was wonderfully funny. I have been concerned that many persons are too shy to come to a person in a public place, such as a Walmart, and offer healing prayer. For instance, as when we see someone grimacing in pain or sniffling from a cold. The exercise was to do a "skit" with one person in the group demonstrating some illness, and a person who had NEVER done such a public prayer offer healing prayer. Talk about funny! One person feigned having a heart attack and fell on the floor. The shy person immediately went into prayer and raised him from the dead! (I apologize I did not take a picture of this, I was laughing too hard!)

I should not end without mentions something about the Church of the Redeemer. Fr.Craig Stephans has a wonderful congregation and an absolutely fabulous staff of several priests, ministers and deacons.  Check out the webpage. Carolyn and I were hosted by Fr. Graig and Missy, his beautiful wife, in their five star guest room.

My wife, who has a special way with animals, made friends with Marius, their dog, immediately. Later  we prayed for Marius'  inner healing as it is a “rescue dog” who had been abused and prone to nightmares. No nightmares since!

 Carolyn and her new friend

Fr. Craig does a yearly "blessing and healing" of the pets on St. Francis' Sunday. A picture of the last event is below:

If you are in the area, visit this church. They had a great healing ministry before, and I believe that Carolyn and I were able to give them further encouragement and instruction. We will be happy to come to your church. Contact us on Facebook or call 770-704-8703.


A pastor friend asked me to be more precise about this workshop, so I wrote a memo for him. It may be of use and interest to you also:

Memo: “Every Believer a Healing Evangelist”


This workshop aims at motivating and equipping every born-again Believer to appropriate his/her authority in Christ as a healing and evangelical agent for the Kingdom of God. The key scripture is Luke 10:8-9 where it is clear that healing is a doorway to proclaiming the Gospel.

The sad situation is that most churches, including Pentecostal and charismatic congregations, limit the healing ministry to trained intercessors. This is somewhat effective, but it also obscures the authority and healing ability of many lay persons. This workshop aims as demonstrating that every Believer in Jesus Christ has a measure of healing power, and some even extraordinary anointing in this ministry. It is a supplement, not a replacement to trained intercessors who may have advanced training in inner healing and deliverance ministries.

The course is based on the pioneer work of Charles and Francis Hunter, a Pentecostal couple who in the 1980s made popular the biblical fact that in the New Testament there are no petition prayers for healing. All healing prayer is done in the command mode.
Sequence of teachings and exercises:

The first segment:  We go over the biblical basis for command healing and also discusses the “energies of God” for healing that are transmitted via the laying on of hands. The participants ae divided into prayer groups of three or four for the workshop exercises.

Exercise # 1: 
The prayer groups practice and experience the distinction of praying in petition for healing and then praying in command by each one praying for a sickness or medical condition of the others in the group, or a proxy person.

The second segment:  This teaches about the energies of God as transmitted via the believer’s hands, and modeled on Luke 5:12-14, where touch and command are employed at the same time. This section shows that healing prayer must often be repeated as in Mark 8: 23-25.  Also 1 Cor 12: 9 defines the gifts (plural) of healing and different persons have different anointing for various illness or situations. Thus repeated prayers over one person expose that person to various levels of anointing and persevering prayer which is the key to battling serious disease.

Exercise #2:
Prayer group practices laying on of hands while saying words of command for healing. Repeating prayers and laying on of hands is encouraged. This accustoms the participant to the idea of repeatedly praying for a medical situation until it is much improved or completely healed.

The third segment:  This teaches the Hunter method as applied to adjusting the backbone. This is really chiropractic theory in a Christian setting, and using the energies of God via the laying on of hands. It is not specifically biblical (you don’t see Jesus extending legs and arms for healing in the NT, but it has been used in Pentecostal healers since the 1920s).  This mode of healing prayer falls under the rubric of “Testing all things,” 1 Thess 5:21. It not only works quickly and effectively for all sort of back problems, but for imparting the energies of God into diseased organs.

Exercise # 3
            This is a series of exercises in which the prayer groups practice and prays using the arm extension, leg extensions, etc. that make up the Hunter method.  This takes an hour or so. Incorporated into this segment is information on using the various extensions for specific diseases other than back healing.

The fourth segment: This deals with the relationship of the gifts of the Spirit and healing prayer. Although healing and deliverance are pre-{Pentecostal gifts, they are enhanced by the gifts of the Spirit.

Exercise # 4:
This exercise is modeled after the experience the Mrs. Agnes Sanford had in receiving the gifts of the Spirit. She and two companions were exhausted, and asked for the “holy Ghost’ to strengthen them. Wow! They unexpectedly received the gifts of the Spirit.  In this exercise each prayer group prays two on one, two on one, two on one, for the reception, renewal and strengthening of the gifts of the Holy Spirit for their ministry to others.

The fifth segment:  This deals with praying for a person long-distance. I discuss the Pharisaic attack by Dave Hunt (Seduction of Christianly) and others who claimed that use of the imagination in prayer was purely occultist and New Age. I cite the masterful article Alexander, Brooks, “Mind Power and the Mind’s Eye.” (SCP Journal 9/3 (1999) 8–20) to show that God does not create an organ or facility that can only be used in evil and witchcraft. Exactly to the contrary, a facility, such as imagination (or the sex organ) is created for a godly intention, but is often demonized and used wrongly. The wrong use does not negate its proper use.

Praying with the imagination helps the person while praying in the command mode not to be “double minded.” That is the supplicant is seen in the mind’s eye as well while we speak words of authority for healing.

Exercise # 5 The groups pray for someone “in accord” who is not present
Exercise # 6 The groups contact someone via smart phone who is ill, and pray for that person with all they have learned thus far. (They learn that this can be done in every home group and Bible study group they are in).

The sixth segment: This discusses taking healing prayer to the marketplace. I explain the “prayer station,” and its variants in evangelistic use.

Exercise  #7  The last exercise is the most fun: It is called “loosing shyness.” We ask for a person in each group who has never prayed for a stranger to be the “shyee” and the other member role play someone in Walmart struggling in obvious pain or discomfort. The shyee must ask the person “Can I pray for you?” and then do so. I encourage drama and over-acting. It is great fun!


The noted Pentecostal scholar Dr. Jon Ruthven wrote a very positive review of my latest book, Agnes Sanford and Her Companions: The Assault on Cessationism and the Coming of the Charismatic Renewal. You can access it HERE.

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Watching God Work: The Stuff of Miracles by [DeArteaga, Carolyn Koontz]