Friday, January 10, 2014

Dr. Dale Coulter: An ecumenical Pentecostal scholar

This week’s  brief blog posting highlights the Pentecostal scholar and theologian, Dr. Dale Coulter, associate professor at Regent University in Virginia Beach. Regent is the premier charismatic university in America (and the world). I ran into Dr. Coulter’s work while monitoring the journal First Things where his excellent article on the relationship between Pentecostalism and Anglicanism appeared.  A further search showed that he had been a blogger at  First Things, with other excellent postings on such varied topics as exorcism in Africa to medieval theology. 
Dr. Coulter began his theological education at Lee university (Pentecostal), and then received an MA from Reformed Theological Seminary (Calvinist). He earned a doctorate form Oxford University (supposedly Anglican, but really secular) where he did a dissertation on medieval theology. At Oxford he visited a local Anglican church that was heavily impacted by the Charismatic Renewal, and especially the ministry model of the Vineyard movement. There he came to appreciate the peculiar Pentecostal and sacramental blend of charismatic Anglicanism.
Dr. Coulter dissertation on Medieval spirituality was reworked into a book called Trinity and Creation: Exegesis, Theology and Spirituality from the Abbey of St. Victor .The Amazon link to it is HERE
An example of Dr. Coulter's fine ecumenical appreciation is  his article "Baptism, conversion and grace: reflections on the underlying realities between Pentecostals, Methodists and Catholics," published in Pneuma, the scholarly journal for Pentecostals and charismatics. The link for it is HERE. Dr. Coulter is associated editor of that fine journal.
Several of his First Things postings are especially important for those of us in the Anglican charismatic tradition:
The first is the one that caught my attention, and it studies the interaction between Pentecostalism and Anglicanism, "A Charismatic Invasion of Anglicanism?" the link to that article is HERE.
On his experience with a Vineyard influenced Anglican Church near Oxford, England, see "A Liturgy, a Legacy, and an Anglican Band."  The link is HERE  This one is also quite interesting, "Surprised by the Sacraments." Its link is HERE.
The link to Dr. Coulter books on Amazon is HERE.

It is really nice to have an "outsider" look at the Anglican charismatic movement ad declare it "good"


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